Run by people with 20 years experience studying the paranormal, Gaelic Paranormal Investigations is based in East Cornwall. Our group does not set out to prove or disprove the existence of life after death, but to put forward evidence we have gathered and provide our suggestions of causes (both science based and spirit based).  During our investigations we are committed to finding logical explanations for unexpected things that happen and only when we cannot do so do we suggest and event is "Paranormal" in the true sense of the word which is "unexplainable".  We are always ready to hear your own thoughts and ideas about the evidence we put forward.


As well as looking at environmental factors while investigating, we also study the psychological influences that can affect peoples reactions and recording of events that occur.


On this website and through our work we embrace all possible ideas and theories both logical and spiritual.

We are currently looking for new members to join our team. Experience not required although a basic knowledge of paranormal investigating is helpful.